Dental Implants – Alpharetta, GA

Reliable Replacement Teeth That Can Last a Lifetime

Our dentists at Alpharetta Modern Dentistry have years of experience and countless hours of continuing education and specialized training underneath their belts. As a result, they’re able to complete the entire process, from start to finish, under one roof. That way, you’ll be able to rely on the same trusted team throughout your entire journey. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and learn whether dental implants are right for you.

Why Choose Alpharetta Modern Dentistry for Dental Implants?

  • Accurate Guided Dental Implant Surgery
  • Start-to-Finish Dental Implant Treatment
  • See Results First with Virtual Smile Design

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants themselves are small posts that are made of titanium. They can be surgically placed below the gumline and into the jawbone to restore the missing root structure of teeth, offering restorations like bridges, crowns, and dentures superior support and strength. Due to their biocompatible nature, they’re able to naturally fuse with the jawbone, keeping it from eroding due to a lack of stimulation.

The 4-Step Dental Implant Process

  1. Consultation: To help determine whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, our team will capture digital X-rays and complete a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. Based on our findings, we’ll walk you through your customized treatment plan and provide you with an estimated cost to restore your smile.
  2. Dental Implant Surgery: Once you consent to move forward with the procedure, our team will schedule your surgery. Our team utilizes surgical guides to place implants in-office, ensuring that they’re inserted at the perfect depths and places within the mouth for the best support.
  3. Osseointegration & Abutment Placement: After your surgery, you’ll undergo osseointegration for the following three to six months, which is when your implants will fuse with your jawbone. Once this has occurred, we’ll place small metal connector pieces atop your implants, called abutments.
  4. Securing the Restorations: When your final restorations have been designed and sent to our office and your gums have healed around your abutments, we’ll call you back to complete your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an incredibly popular treatment because they have a wide array of benefits to offer compared to their traditional counterparts. These include:

  • A lifespan of 35+ years with good dental hygiene.
  • Restored bite power of up to 80%.
  • Replacement teeth that look and feel lifelike.
  • Ability to eat a varied diet.
  • Easy maintenance and care.
  • Improved oral and overall well-being.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants can help patients facing a variety of different tooth loss situations. At your initial appointment, our team will help determine what types of implant restorations can rebuild your smile to its original, natural function and look. This can include one or more of the paths listed below.

Missing One Tooth

For a single missing tooth, we can place one dental implant below the gumline and into the jawbone. This will act as the root-support for a free-standing dental crown, which can fill the gap left by one tooth.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Instead of needing to secure a traditional dental bridge to your existing, healthy teeth, we can attach it to two dental implants placed on either side of the gap in your smile. This will minimize any unnecessary alteration of your healthy teeth and increase the lifespan of your restoration.

Missing All of Your Teeth

Traditionally, dentures are held in place by natural suction that occurs within the mouth. This isn’t always reliable, as chewing food or speaking may cause them to shift or slip. By securing the restoration to anywhere from four to eight dental implants located in the strongest parts of the jawbone, these inconveniences can be eliminated, making your replacement teeth function like natural.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Each dental implant treatment that we plan is customized to fit patients’ unique needs. That’s why there’s no singular cost associated with the treatment. During your consultation, we’ll outline several cost-determining details, like how many dental implants you need to have placed, whether you require a preliminary treatment like gum disease therapy, and what type of restoration you’ll need. These will all help us provide you with a detailed cost estimate. We’ll also be able to walk you through all of your payment options.